Keeping up to date with the current economic situation is a key element of our work at BECS.

This week I attended a World Trade Summit on the Landscape Post Brexit hosted by the Institute of Export and International Trade in London.  It was an excellent event with expert guest speakers in the fields of international trade and commerce covering such diverse topics as currency, international law, insurance, intellectual property and authorised economic operators.

When reflecting on all the advice, knowledge and experience that had been shared, one key phrase kept coming to mind;

‘Fail to Prepare: Prepare to Fail’

Whether you are a multi-national or an SME the message was loud and clear, you need to be putting your plans for post 29th March 2019 in place now!

So how can you do that? First of all, look at your business’ exposure to, what will be, imports from the EU in your supply chain.  Review how your customer’s onward business chain works.  What new procedures do you need to put in place to make the transition to trading outside of the EU as seamless as possible?

The task can seem daunting, but let us help you.  We are holding a common sense, non-political workshop on Brexit and how it effects your business on 1ST December 2017.  This half day session will look at explaining where we are, what the likely outcomes are and most importantly how you can protect your business to ensure that you are still thriving and surviving at the end of 2019 and beyond.

If you would like to attend our workshop, Brexit and How It Effects Your Business, please see our events page.

Remember, Fail to Prepare: Prepare to Fail.